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CANSEARCH is very proud to count on the support of honorable leading figures, a precious gesture for our little children:

Mr Pierre MOTTU, Hans Wilsdorf Foundation President (Rolex);

Mrs Martha ARGERICH, Argentinean pianist;

Mr Guy DEMOLE, Grand Théâtre de Genève Foundation Honorary President;

Mr Léonard GIANADDA, Pierre Gianadda Foundation Director, Martigny, Switzerland;

Mr Romain GROSJEAN, Racing driver;

Mrs Carole HÜBSCHER, Caran d’Ache SA President;

Frédy et Franco KNIE Families, from Cirque National Suisse SA;

Mr Raymond LORETAN, Genolier Swiss Medical Network Group President;

Mr Claude PICASSO;

Mr Stanislas WAWRINKA, Swiss professional tennis player;

ZEP, Cartoonist, Geneva, Switzerland;

Mr Jean ZERMATTEN, United Nations Commission on Children’s Rights President.


“Cancer, child… it’s very difficult to associate these words as they illustrate so poignantly the injustice of certain destinies.

The CANSEARCH Foundation is fighting to cure and reduce the after effects and suffering caused by the treatments, right along with these children, following the example they are setting by their courage.

I am very pleased indeed to support the Foundation and invite you to join me in this exceptional venture. Only research will help to eventually find a cure and to give them back their smiles and happiness. It’s now that we need to act !”

Léonard GIANADDA, Founder and Director of Pierre GIANADDA Foundation, Member of the CANSEARCH Honorary Committee